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Navigating Our Journey Ahead

  1. Wallet System:

    User-Friendly Top-Up: Users can conveniently top up their wallet by utilizing various payment gateways, providing them with flexibility and control over their account balance.

    Admin Fund Provision: Administrators have the authority to add funds directly to a user's wallet, offering a versatile solution for addressing specific user needs or situations.

  2. Tip System: Allow users to show appreciation by tipping their favorite sellers or content creators, fostering a sense of community and support.
  3. Search Engine Control by Admin: Empower administrators with enhanced control over the platform's search engine, optimizing search results and relevance.
  4. Map Tracing for Delivery: Enable real-time order tracking, enhancing transparency and delivery efficiency.
  5. Appointment Booking and Calendar: Implement a booking system for services, along with an integrated calendar for scheduling appointments effortlessly.
  6. Staff Management System: Streamline staff management and allocation, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.
  7. Avatar Creation: Allow users to create unique avatars, adding a fun and personalized touch to their profiles.
  8. Delivery or Pickup: Offer users the flexibility to choose between delivery and pickup options to meet their convenience.
  9. Refund System: Introduce a user-friendly refund system, ensuring a smooth experience in case of order cancellations or issues.
  10. Payment Withdrawal System: Enable users to withdraw their earnings or funds easily and securely.
  11. Delivery System: Enhance the delivery process with improved features and tracking for efficient order fulfillment.
  12. Advance Notification System: Keep users informed with advanced notifications for important updates and events.
  13. Verification Center: Create a secure space for user verification, increasing trust and authenticity on your platform.
  14. Advanced Review System: Elevate the review system, offering users the ability to leave comprehensive and detailed feedback.
  15. User Subscription Cancellation Process: Simplify the process for users to cancel their subscriptions hassle-free.
  16. Sub Admin: Implement a sub-admin role for designated individuals, assisting in platform management.
  17. Events Management: Facilitate event creation and management for users to promote and organize gatherings.
  18. Affiliate System: Enable users to participate in an affiliate program, promoting your platform and earning commissions.
  19. Refer A Friend: Introduce a referral system, encouraging users to invite friends and expand your platform's community.
  20. Donation Module: Create a donation feature, allowing users to support causes or individuals through your platform.
  21. Franchise System: Extend your reach through a franchise system, enabling business expansion and collaboration.
  22. Knowledge Center: Launch a knowledge center or resource hub for users to access valuable information and guidance.
  23. Forum: Implement a user-friendly forum, encouraging discussions, interactions, and community building.
  24. Auction: Add an auction feature for users to bid on items, creating a dynamic marketplace experience.
  25. Seller Profile Advance: Enhance seller profiles with more comprehensive information and customization options.
  26. Post A Request: Allow users to post custom requests for services or products, expanding your platform's offerings.
  27. CV Builder: Provide users with a CV-building tool, simplifying the job application process.
  28. Loyalty Points: Reward user loyalty with a points system, encouraging continued engagement and activity.
  29. Career Pages: Create dedicated career pages for job seekers and recruiters to connect efficiently.
  30. Ticket System: Introduce a support ticket system for users to request assistance and resolve issues promptly.
  31. Subscription Setup in Admin: Enable administrators to manage and configure subscription plans efficiently from the admin panel.
  32. Shipping Solutions: Enable the shipping process efficiently, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction. .
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