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  • Customer support is Excellent. Developer changed the code as per the suggestion within 24 hour. Beautiful design and clean code. Customer support response time is very good. Highly recommendable product.

    Customer Support
  • The AM Technology team is very supportive from beginning to end and they are easy to approach for any questions you may have. The product is great with a great number of features and is easy to customize the front end design as well. The code is well structured and compatible with SEO standards. We offered an additional amount since we made a lot of requests but they denied to accept it as they were more interested in helping us to achieve our goal. Very impressive and cooperative.
    I am having a great experience with them. Appreciated!!

    Feature Availability
  • Product is as shown in live preview. Customer support is great too

    Customer Support
  • Excellent availability service to accommodate requests, the team is very professional

  • Thank you for the great Support and customer service, the script works like charm, it actually exceedingly met my expectations thank you. Five star from me, Job well done!

    Customer Support
  • Great script! The developer is highly professional, and very responsive, developer listen to suggestions, support is also very helpful. Highly recommended. Great job, keep up the great work!

    Design Quality
  • A great script and the best support. The script has everything you need and they will customize it to your specific requirements. Buy it.

  • Awesome project! It has a good code quality and a flexibility to set up.

  • Excellent installation and availability service to accommodate requests and customization, the code is well done and the developer very professional

    Code Quality
  • The team was very helpful, so much support. The team significantly surpassed my expectation. Communication was excellent. What an added value to my experience. Thanks

    Customer Support
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