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AM Technology presents a range of feature-rich software solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs.

Our software offerings cover a wide spectrum of functionalities, catering to businesses operating in diverse domains, including B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and D2C. Our suite of software includes essential features for businesses of all sizes, with support for multi-store operations, advanced SEO and marketing settings, affiliate programs, one-page checkout, and more. In addition, our software solutions are crafted for global expansion, offering multi-currency support, integration with international payment systems, global shipping capabilities. The flexible architecture of our software ensure they can adapt to any business's unique requirements while maintaining high performance, security, and stability

Our software solutions are ideal for a diverse range of users, making them the perfect choice for:


Unlock new revenue streams and realize your vision with our innovative gig economy platform.


Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and effortlessly create a thriving online marketplace. Use it for live project assignments to showcase your skills.


Impress your clients with a freelance platform that's ready to launch and can be customized to their needs or scaled up according to your requirements.

Small Businesses

Expand your local reach and thrive in your niche with a service marketplace tailored to your needs.

Medium & Large Organizations

Streamline your service hiring processes and enjoy the advantages of a customized marketplace.

Individual Dreamers

Transform your unique marketplace idea into reality and leave your mark in the digital landscape with our software solutions."

Registration and Login Methods

At AM Technology, our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience extends to both customers and sellers. Embrace the simplicity and flexibility of our registration and login methods tailored to suit the needs of every user.

Seamless Registration Process:

For Customers:

  • Email Registration:

    Create an account effortlessly using your email address. Enjoy a comprehensive registration process with the added benefit of receiving important updates and order notifications directly to your inbox.

  • Phone Number Registration:

    Experience quick registration with your phone number. Benefit from real-time account verification, ensuring a secure and efficient entry into our platform.

  • Social Media Integration (Facebook and Google):

    Connect with ease by using your Facebook or Google credentials. Simplify the registration process and enjoy a seamless link between your social media account and our platform.

For Sellers:

  • Email Registration:

    Sellers can register using their email addresses, ensuring a secure and personalized experience. Receive notifications related to your listings and store activities directly to your inbox.

  • Phone Number Registration:

    Swiftly create a seller account using your phone number. Real-time verification ensures a secure and efficient entry into our seller platform.

  • Social Media Integration (Facebook and Google):

    Sellers can connect their accounts using Facebook or Google credentials. Simplify the registration process and enjoy a seamless link between your social media presence and your seller profile.

Effortless Login Options

  • Email Login:

    Enjoy secure and straightforward login using your registered email address. Receive newsletters, promotions, and updates based on your preferences.

  • Phone Number Login:

    Access your account swiftly with a phone number login. Real-time verification ensures secure and immediate entry into the platform.

  • Social Media Integration (Facebook and Google):

    Simplify login by using your Facebook or Google credentials. Streamline the process and enjoy quick access to your account.

Security and Flexibility:

  • Password Recovery: Forgot your password? No worries. Utilize our password recovery option to reset your password securely.

  • Switching Methods: Users and sellers have the flexibility to switch between registration and login methods based on their convenience, ensuring a personalized experience.

We empowers both customers and sellers with a range of registration and login methods, fostering a seamless and secure online shopping and selling experience. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is dedicated to providing the help you need. Happy exploring and selling!

Mobile Application Support

Enhance your online presence with our mobile application options, now conveniently included in the Extended License priced at $600.

Reach a wider audience and provide a seamless experience to both Android and iOS users. Take advantage of our Android and iOS apps to expand your reach and boost engagement.

Android App:

Get a complete and feature-rich Android application that seamlessly complements your web presence. Extend your user reach to the vast Android audience with ease. Note that there is a $150 publishing charge to make your Android application available on the Google Play Store.

iOS App:

Extend your user base to iOS users with a fully functional iOS application. This app seamlessly integrates with your web presence and provides a smooth experience to your iOS audience. Please be aware that a $150 publishing charge applies to make your iOS application accessible on the Apple App Store.

User Management

The User Management feature in your platform offers comprehensive tools and capabilities, including account creation and control, user deactivation or deletion, detailed activity reports, purchasing history, seller sales growth monitoring, direct communication with users, user segmentation, user support, announcement broadcasting, and customization to maintain a cohesive user experience. This feature empowers effective user interaction, personalized service, and streamlined data management for admins.

Order Handling

The Order Handling feature is a versatile tool that streamlines the process of managing orders for a seamless experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of its capabilities

Status Updates

This feature empowers both sellers and administrators to update the status of orders. It offers real-time tracking, keeping customers informed about the progress of their purchases. To provide clarity throughout the order fulfillment process, there are four distinct status categories:

Processing: Orders that are currently being prepared and verified.

Shipping: Orders that have been packed and dispatched for delivery.

Delivery: Orders that are in transit to the customer's location.

Completed: Orders that have been successfully delivered and finalized.

Order Cancellation Process

In situations where an order needs to be canceled, this feature provides a straightforward cancellation process. This ensures that users can easily manage order cancellations with minimal hassle.

Order History:

The Order Handling feature keeps a comprehensive record of all orders. This history is accessible to customers, sellers, and administrators. Users can review past orders, which is invaluable for tracking and reference.

Invoice Viewing and Printing:

Users have the ability to view and print invoices, making it easy to access and document transaction details.

User Platform Updates:

Both sellers and administrators can easily update the order status from their respective platforms based on the current situation. This ensures a responsive and efficient order management process, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Revenue Generation - Revenue Models

A Revenue Model in this platform refers to the method and strategy used to generate income. We offer various revenue models to help you monetize your services, such as the Boosting System, Advertisement Plans, Subscription Plans, Credit System, and Commission System. These models provide flexibility to maximize your revenue according to your specific needs and objectives.

Let's delve into the details of each revenue model:

Boosting System

Profile Boost:
Allow users to boost the visibility of their profiles, increasing their reach and engagement.

Listing Boost:
Boost the visibility of product listings, promoting products to a wider audience.

Advertisement Plans
  • Create and manage advertising plans to showcase products or services prominently on the platform.
  • Set up targeted and strategic advertisements to reach specific user segments.
Subscription Plans:
  • Enable premium features on a subscription basis, offering users enhanced functionalities for a fee.
  • Provide flexibility in subscription plans, including Free, Monthly, or Yearly options.
Credit System:
  • Users can purchase or earn credits through various activities, adding a flexible and engaging element to the platform.
  • Credits can be used for transactions, boosting services, or accessing premium features.
Commission System:
  • Define and manage commission rates for transactions that occur on the platform.
  • Administer fair and transparent commission structures for sellers, ensuring a balanced ecosystem.

Each of these revenue models is designed to provide flexibility and choice for users, allowing them to tailor their monetization strategy according to their specific business needs and objectives. Whether it's through boosting visibility, running advertisements, offering subscription plans, implementing a credit system, or managing commissions, our platform provides a versatile toolkit for generating income.

"Strategic Pricing Control: Empowering Admin Authority for Campaigns"

The platform provides the administrator with the authority to set and control the pricing for all campaigns. This includes the ability to strategically determine the cost associated with profile boosts, service boosts, listing boosts, and any other promotional campaigns within the system. This feature allows the administrator to adapt pricing strategies based on various factors, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to campaign management. It empowers the administrator to optimize revenue generation while aligning with the goals and needs of the platform and its users.

Listing Management

Effective listing management is pivotal for success. Our platform empowers both administrators and sellers, offering seamless control over the creation and display of listings, providing customers with a curated and engaging shopping experience.

Basic Configuration:
  • Item Type: Specify whether the item is for sale, classified, or part of an auction.
  • Listing Type: Choose from physical, digital, service, or course listings.
  • Image: Upload compelling visuals to enhance the listing's appeal.
  • Item Name: Clearly identify the product.
  • Unit (if any): Specify measurement units if applicable.
  • Category: Categorize the item for easy navigation.
  • Brand (optional): Include brand information or create a new brand.
  • Short Description: Craft a concise overview to grab attention.
  • Currency: Set the preferred currency.
  • Price: Indicate the cost of the item.
  • SEO Tags: Boost visibility with strategic SEO tags.
  • Statuses: Choose the listing's status (draft, published, etc.).
  • Publish: Finalize and make the listing live.

Detailed Configuration:
  • Description: Provide a detailed description for comprehensive information.
  • Digital Detail (for digital products): Specify digital aspects if applicable.
  • Return/Cancellation: Outline return and cancellation policies.
  • Shipping: Configure shipping details for physical products.
  • Attributes: Add specific attributes to enhance product details.
  • Inventory: Keep track of stock levels.
  • Other Images: Showcase additional images to provide a comprehensive view.
  • Video: Integrate video content for a richer experience.
  • Related and Cross Listing: Establish connections between related and cross-listed items.
Customization Options
Tailor the platform to your specific needs by customizing its appearance, layout, and branding.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Improve your platform's visibility on search engines, attracting more visitors and potential customers.
Profile Management
Allow users to manage their profiles, including personal information and preferences, enhancing their experience.
Configuration Settings
Customize and configure platform settings to align with your business requirements.
Inventory Control
Keep track of your inventory effectively, ensuring products are available when customers need them.
Script Automation
Automate various tasks to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
API Integration
Integrate external APIs to enhance the platform's capabilities and connect to other systems.
Category Management
Define and organize product categories for easy navigation and search.
Payment Flexibility Order Handling
Provide users with various payment options, enhancing their shopping experience.
Email Handling
Manage email settings, templates, notifications, and communication preferences to stay connected with your users.
Blogging System
Create and read blog posts, sharing valuable information and engaging your audience.
Chat Functionality
Implement a real-time chatting system, facilitating communication between users and sellers.
Reporting Tools
Access comprehensive reporting tools to gain insights into various aspects of your platform's performance.
Page Handling
Manage your platform's pages effectively, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Support System
Provide customer support through a well-structured system, helping users with inquiries and issues.
Wallet System

Effortlessly manage your financial transactions with our comprehensive Wallet System, designed to enhance the convenience and flexibility of your platform.

Refund Integration:

Upon order cancellation, if payment has been processed, funds are seamlessly added to the user's wallet. This feature ensures a swift and user-friendly refund process.

Embrace a hassle-free financial experience, where transactions are simplified, and users have greater control over their account balances for future orders.

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